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  • Jen Miller

Tidying Up the KonMari Way

Updated: Jan 11

If you haven't heard, everyone is obsessed with Marie Kondo's Netflix show called "Tidying Up." In a nutshell, it's about decluttering your life and choosing "joy." How many of us teach this concept to our kids? In today's society, what children want, they get. After playing with it for a few days, if not minutes, it collects dust and space and is abandoned. It creates an illusion of joy for just a moment, but it is not lasting. How do we teach our little ones to find the "joy" in things instead collect an unwanted collection of stuff over time?

If Marie Kondo's practices seem to overwhelm you, start small. Her process is not meant to be done within a day or even a week. Start small and build up. Engage your children in the process.

As Americans, we throw away a lot of things that are harmful to our environment. Before making purchases, determine if it is a want or a need. If it is a want, do you need it now? There are many things that I thought I wanted but later did not purchase them. Instead, I would take a picture of that item and then decide later if I needed it. Most of the time, taking the picture satisfied my craving for the new item without even purchasing it. We are drowning in our things. How can we teach our kids to find joy in other things that aren't tangible?

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