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I'm NOT perfect and I'm OK with it

Updated: May 18

TRUTH moment:

I'm NOT the perfect MOM. There are days that I do NOT have it all together and wonder "how DID I do IT all before having kids?". I will admit, I've yelled at my kids. I've said and done things that I regret out of anger. I've had parenting FAIL moments. I've had to REMIND myself DAILY that I am HUMAN and that each second GIVEN is a chance to be BETTER.

On the flipside, I've APOLOGIZED to my kids when my actions or words came from anger. I've had to learn how to REACT less and RESPOND more, which isn't easy when your children are saying hurtful things or are doing things that make you upset. I have to remind myself daily to not REACT to these things because my kids' intentions are NOT to make me upset. They are frustrated and angry, and they are dealing with these BIG emotions in a NEGATIVE way. My JOB as a PARENT is to TEACH them POSITIVE ways to handle their frustrations and anger, but FIRST, I need to make sure that I can PRACTICE what I PREACH before EXPECTING it from them. I've had to FORGIVE myself when I felt I was not the BEST version of who I wanted to be for my kids and ME. I've also had to realize that my PERSPECTIVE on certain situations doesn't always align with my children's TRUE INTENTIONS.

I've bought and read more parenting books that you can imagine. I've tried so many theories that I've learned from these parenting authors only to realize that…

Most wrote their books AFTER their children were grown up or

Some NEVER had kids of their own (much less more than one kid at a time or multiples) or

Some ideas MAY work and some may NOT, depending on who YOU are and/or who YOUR kids are.

What I've realized is that parenting is a LIFETIME COMMITMENT and a PROCESS.

There are no quick fixes!

If I EXPECT change, it NEEDS to begin with ME.

In my heart of hearts, I know that my children do NOT want to be in a constant battle with me.

There are going to be some NOT so-great-days and some AMAZING ones.

Parenting can be HARD at times, but it doesn't have to be ALL the time. I find when we take CARE of ourselves and see that friend, counselor, PARENT COACH, to chat with, it shines a new light on things and gives us HOPE and ASSURANCE that we are doing the BEST we can within our situation.

If you are looking for someone to chat with or need some NEW tools for your toolbox, please feel free to email me or book online: https://www.parentingwithjen.com/book-online. I've seen and done what works and what doesn't. Sometimes talking things out with someone (typically, not related to you 😊), can help you know what is happening around you.

Happy Wednesday!

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