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  • Jen Miller

Finding "ME" Time

Updated: Mar 5

Finding "Me" time during a pandemic can seem unattainable, especially when you can't escape your children no matter where you hide.

What can you do?

  • Take care of yourself. Before taking care of our families, we need to make sure our tanks are full, and we are not running on empty. A full tank includes rest, a healthy diet, and daily physical activity.

  • Make a list. Prioritize what needs to get done each day. Be flexible and creative on when things can get done (i.e., early in the morning or evening when your kids are sleeping). You will feel productive and feel accomplished when you cross things off your list.

  • Set goals. Things may seem crazy, but everything has slowed down. Take this time to work on your goals. Start small each day, and you will feel better about what you have finished by the end of the week.

  • Participate in a self-care challenge. Find a partner that you can join to complete a self-care challenge or a workout program. Working with someone else will feel motivated to get things done, and there is accountability to one another.

  • Find a tribe. Join an online group with other friends or parents. Knowing that others are going through similar things will comfort you that you are not alone.

Why it works:

When you prioritize yourself, you are not acting selfishly; instead, you prepare yourself to be the best for your loved ones. Remember this, and don't feel guilty for the time you manage to carve out for yourself.

You are also modeling to your children what self-love looks like and why it is vital to your relationship with others.

Finally, you teach your children boundaries and that everyone has them.


Create a schedule with your family and ensure it has your "ME" time on it. You could create a daily quiet time where everyone spends an hour or two in a room alone to read, rest, play, watch TV, etc. Place a "do not disturb" sign on your door to help everyone remember it is your special time.