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  • Jen Miller

It Takes a Village

Updated: May 18, 2022

Being a triplet mom, I could have had more villagers in my village. I was young and foolish to believe that I didn't need anyone except my husband. I wish my husband and I connected with a church earlier into my pregnancy. I needed a village to help me, but I thought I was superwoman and could do a lot of it on my own. ⁣

There were times that I wish I could have called someone who was impartial and could navigate me through parenting. Someone who could have told me that a lot of the things I was going through were typical and expected for a new mommy — someone I could confide in without being judged. Someone I was not related to that could help me. I would have reached out to a parent coach when I became a mommy. When I mess up, it happens times three. I don't have an older child that gave me the experience of being a mom or a younger child to show that I've learned from my mistakes.⁣

One of the reasons I became a parent coach was that I wanted to help others through their parental journey. Connect with me if you need to talk with someone who can help you through your journey. I would love to help you and your family.⁣