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  • Jen Miller

Keeping It Real

Updated: Mar 5

I will be transparent here and share what is happening in our house during this pandemic. I call it "Keeping it REAL in the Miller household."

Working from home can be great unless your entire family is quarantined with you. My husband and I created two makeshift offices in our house for this particular time. In the first week, we learned to adjust and set up workspaces for everyone. What I mean is that we needed to make sure no one was near anyone while they were working. If I had office cubicles or three closets, I would have used those for our boys.

Some people might think that we have it easy because we have three kids the same age. It is nice that they are older and mostly independent. They do not need our assistance with their schoolwork for the most part. But, they are 10-year-old boys with much energy, and they can concoct some crazy ideas in our home. Not to mention, they DON'T always get along. I know you are SHOCKED to hear this because they are triplets, and surely they love one another all the time? Let me DEBUNK that MYTH for you right now. Yes, they are SUPER close and attached to the hip almost always, even when it drives them crazy, all the while refusing to move away from the annoying one. It can look like WWE in our house when something goes awry, no-hold-barred edition.

We are in the middle of the 4th week, and the honeymoon period ended a week ago. E-Learning is no longer NEW and exciting to do. Boundaries and patience are being TESTED.

Mom and Dad are the new Headmasters at the Miller Boarding School, where students never leave, and you can't send them anywhere. We posted these rules and consequences on our office doors. After our students read them, things settled down this morning. We hope our school will not become a Juvenile Detention Center because we will all be on house arrest.