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  • Jen Miller

My Favorite Team to Root for is...

Updated: Mar 5

When I was getting two of my sons ready for bed, I noticed one of my sons was still downstairs. Upon further investigation, I saw he was cleaning up the kitchen. He was rinsing the dishes and putting them into the dishwasher. Each of my boys has jobs for the week. This was not his job. When I offered to finish up for him so he could watch TV, he replied that he would instead help me so I wouldn't have to stay up late cleaning. (heart melts)

As parents, we wonder if what we are teaching our children will come to fruition. When we see the fruits of our labor from the years where we sowed responsibility, independence, respect, etc., we realize that it was not done in vain and that our children will make it in this world. Since they were two years old, I've instilled these values into my boys. There were times it would have been easier for me to do things for them, but then I would have robbed them of a life skill they would need. Need help getting your child to become more responsible at home? Let's chat.⁣