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The Energy Bus

Updated: May 18

Have you ever read the book "The Energy Bus" or "The Energy Bus for Kids?" I own the latter one and have read it to my sons more than twice. It is a story about staying positive and overcoming challenges. The author, Jon Gordon, created "5 Rules for the Ride of My Life."⁣ ⁣ 1. CREATE A POSITIVE VISION.⁣ How many of us wake up with a positive attitude toward our children or the morning commute to school? How do our children wake up?⁣

2. FUEL YOUR RIDE WITH POSITIVITY. ⁣ Are you modeling positivity so your child can embrace and be grateful for what they have?⁣

3. NO BULLIES ALLOWED.⁣ This one is my favorite. WE get to CHOOSE whom WE allow on OUR bus — what a valuable life lesson for all of us. We do not have to let "Negative Nancy," "Debbie Downer," or "Pessimistic Patty" take a ride on our bus. A life skill our kids must have is not letting someone get on their energy bus who doesn't fuel them with positive energy. They have the choice to keep driving and not stop for those passengers.⁣

4. LOVE YOUR PASSENGERS.⁣ This rule states to Listen to one another, Offer to lend a hand, Value others and their feelings, and Eat with friends and family. How often do we model or do this for our kids? How can they love their passengers if they don't see us loving ours?⁣

5. ENJOY THE RIDE.⁣ We only get one chance in life. We might as well enjoy it and take it all in. Each day, each hour, each minute, each second, is not guaranteed. It is a blessing and a chance for us to be a better version of who we were the day before. Life is short. Embrace it, enjoy it, take it all in. ⁣

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